Come and take a walk with me…

January 1, 2012

With many miles behind me and countless steps ahead, I invite you to share the journey of living… living authentically. Within these posts you’ll find sermons I’ve shared as well as reflections prompted by scripture and personal experience.

We’ll celebrate the good news of life and the countless gifts we find all around us. And along the way, I’ll challenge myself to face the difficult passageways as we help each other through them, hopefully strengthened by persevering to the other side.

Simply by reading these pages you are participating in the journey – I hope it is enriching for you, as I hope it will be for me. You may find we have much in common, or perhaps nothing at all, yet either way, if we allow ourselves, we will learn from one another.

Stay on the path as long as you like… I’m grateful to have you by my side.

One Response to “A bit about this site”

  1. Sarah jane said

    Jody thank you so much for these thoughts/sermons. I am traveling over the next few weeks and found myself sad to miss church. These will fill my heart and brain!

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