A thinker, a learner and hopefully a teacher… I appreciate the beauty and complexity of the people and places in our world. I see this world through snap-shot memories, some of which you’ll see in my photos interspersed within these posts.priests6-22-2013-crop

Having left behind twenty years in the corporate world, I’m now on a path grounded in ministry, a vocation long overdue and one we are all called to in some way… leaving this world better than we found it, not necessarily on a grand scale, but to touch at least one heart beyond our own. To care for the stranger, yes, and also to be vulnerable with those we love.

Unquestionably influenced by my upbringing as an Episcopalian, I’m not one that has to have a definitive answer to every question. Living into the mystery is what faith is about! And although I tend to be a rule-follower, I don’t see the Bible as a rule book. Instead, it’s a Living Word meant to speak new truth for those with ears to hear… listening in community, guided by the Holy Spirit.

If that’s not what it’s meant for, why do we keep re-reading it?  When was the last time you pulled out the Rules of Baseball? (Dad, don’t answer that :-))

2 Responses to “A little about Jody”

  1. Caty Ortquist said

    I not only liked it – I LOVED it – & love her, too. Aunt Catu

  2. Caty Orquist said


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