Parallel Sojourners – The Epilogue

May 16, 2016

IMG_4547The evening walk began on the same peaceful note as the morning, though the surf would beg to differ. I traveled down-beach this time, toward the sunset as it sank into the western horizon. The sea-birds were still busy at work, harvesting what they could amid the rushing foam.

Continuing the reflection of the day, I thought about the two unbroken sand dollars I found on the same day as I walked along Galveston’s shoreline some 30 years ago. I gave them to the friend who was with me, and later, she had them framed and gifted them back to me. They now hang on my office wall.shells

Amid the peacefulness and reflection, I headed back toward the hotel. As I approached the pier I heard squeals of delight – children’s voices. When I got closer I saw two women and three young girls bounding toward the beach. The girls’ high-pitched excitement coupled with the hotel’s welcome-bag confirmed they had just arrived. The mom and grandmother watched the girls as they maneuvered through the sand toward the water, one trying to catch it on their iPhone.

FullSizeRenderAs I got closer to them I asked if I they wanted me to take a picture of all of them together – admittedly asking as much for me as for them – and they happily said yes! In spite of the fading sunlight, I snapped a few shots for them – I hope at least one is good. It certainly was good for me – another picture of parallel sojourners. These filled with exuberance, life, and promise. Unbounded joy – hold onto it whenever it comes!

May we all continue the journey… together!

I invite your thoughts and insights.

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