My God, My God, What Are We To Do?

May 29, 2022

Church of the Servant

7th Sunday of Easter
Psalm 97, John 17:20-26
Today's worship centered on the recent mass-shootings in Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, TX which took the lives of 31 innocent men, women, and many, many, children. The liturgy began with the Burial Rite, followed by saying the name of each victim, and then affixing their image to our sanctuary windows. The audio recordings below include two voices - The Rev. John Sosnowski and The Rev. Jody Greenwood. Together they constitute the full sermon message. A link to a video of the entire worship service is at the bottom of this post.
Click the Audio Link below to hear the Sermon 
(The second link below includes both the Gospel reading and the Sermon.)

Gun Violence Victims2


thoughts-and-prayers policy and change

Source: Amanda Gorman, Hymn for the Hurting, New York Times, May 27, 2022.

Thank you to fellow clergy for collaborating on our worship service this week: The Rev. John Sosnowski, The Rev. Jim Hanisian, The Rev. Fanny Belanger, and Deacon Rhonda Thomas.

Grieving the loss of 31 innocent lives at the hands of gun violence.

I invite your thoughts and insights.

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