My tendency is to use this site to post sermons I’ve preached. I’ve rarely used it for social commentary (other than what’s in my sermons), but I’m feeling compelled to do so today. I pray you will be able to walk with me for a moment. At the end of this road, we may not reach the same destination, but I hope that in walking together, perhaps new insights can be gained by both of us.

Opening Prayer:  May all who enter here do so with an open heart, centered in love.

Let me begin by sharing my context as it relates to the United States political system and the election process. I grew up believing in the democratic system and believing that the elected leaders, whether from “our party” or not, had the best interest of the people at heart. Sunday dinner around grandmother’s table included aunts and uncles with a range of views, mostly Republicans then, though this has changed over time. My father switched to the Democratic Party in 1970 to run for Congress in a heavily Republican district in Houston, Texas, which he lost. Even so, we watched the State of the Union annually and showed respect to those who served our country. SOTU Collage
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