Church of the Servant

Ash Wednesday
Isaiah 58:1-12; Matthew 6:1-6,16-21
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journey of lent



Source: Howard Thurman, excerpt from “The Good Deed”, within The Inward Journey.

Church of the Servant

Sixth Sunday after Epiphany
Luke 6:17-26
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howard thurman - Copy

luke Beatitudes Blessed

luke Beatitudes Woes

luke beatitudes



Source: Howard Thurman, The Inward Journey, Friends United Press, Richmond, IN, 1961, p. 76-77.

A Moment of Truth

November 21, 2021

Church of the Servant

Last Sunday of Pentecost
Christ the King Sunday, Year B
John 18:33-37
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you say you are a king - Copy

king of truth

howard thurman - Copy   teaching-children



A Life Changing Story

December 24, 2019

Church of the Servant, Wilmington, NC

Christmas Eve
Luke 2:1-20

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Wood, Charles. “Theological Perspective on Luke 2:1-20.” Feasting on the Word: Year A, Volume 1: Advent Through Transfiguration, Editors: David L. Bartlett and Barbara Brown Taylor. Westminster John Knox Press, Louisville, 2010.

Thurman, Howard. “The Inward Journey.” Friends United Press, Richmond, Indiana. 1961. P. 63.

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